The Wrong Words Can Kill Your Business

To punch through inboxes, and into people’s minds (and wallets) you need to strengthen your writing. Put in the reps, sharpened with coaching, grounded in an unapologetically human mindset

What is Inbox Attack??

Inbox Attack is an email copywriting gym – so many skills business leaders and doers rely on to generate revenue for their organizations fall under the “use it or lose it” category. Highly effective physical fitness regimens contain the same components that mental fitness regimens should contain including social pressure, complementary workouts / cross training, mindset work, diet / nutrition, and a whole lot of reps. Inbox Attack focuses on your core strength – helping you achieve high-impact, instinctual written & verbal communication in business. The market and human culture have made it damn near impossible to catch a stranger’s attention let alone trigger an action from them. However, there are rules to this discipline that, with practice, can transform a normal ‘winging it’ approach, to a consistently effective use of better words, pacing and tone.

Puttin' in the Reps

Coaching to Refinement

Unapologetically Human Mindset

How do you like to train?



TOPIC: Weekly Writing Workout (WWW) – Story Structure

FORMAT: Interactive Screenshare + Call – Max 10 participants

WORKOUT (60-min Live Call):
20 Minutes – Guest coach – Emmy Winning Screenwriter – gives a crash course in story structure and elements tailored to business
20 Minutes – All 10 participants will craft a story-driven mini bio blurb on themselves
20 Minutes – Inbox Attack staff will pick two and conduct a live tear down and rewrite with the help of the guest coach

FOLLOW-UP: Rewrite bio blurb and post in the Exclusive Facebook Group for peer and staff review



TOPIC: LinkedIn Outreach

FORMAT: Interactive Screenshare + Conference Call (one-on-one)

WORKOUT (60-min Live Call):
20 Minutes – Screenshare tour of previously supplied targets from LinkedIn Searches
20 Minutes – Hop in a Google Doc and work together on creating 9 custom connection requests capped at 150 characters
20 Minutes – Inbox Attack coach will rewrite, tighten and strengthen, then give guidance on tools for pushing them en masse

FOLLOW-UP: Push 100 connection requests to the primary target. Will measure efficacy on follow up call and adjust accordingly.

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nothing pre-canned, nothing pre-recorded, nothing automated, just live human coaching.

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Meet Your Trainers

Nate Wright

Founder of Small Biz Triage. Copywriter. Trainer.

David Begg

Sales Email, LinkedIn and Facebook Ad Expert

Seth Rasmussen

MailChimp eCommerce Pro. Screenwriter. Poet.

Why the F#$%?

I hit up an old mentor a few months back. Jeff taught me martial arts all the way through high school. “I want to get back into martial arts. Recommendations?” He replied, “You need a striking discipline (boxing), a ground discipline (aikido) and a weapons art (Silat).” It reminded me of the critical nature of cross-training with any skill you are trying to master. In business, the words we use can make us or break us. For the past decade our team has been sharpening our writing craft and implenting it in the real world across literally thousands of projects ranging from email campaigns to video voiceovers to pitches to sales conversations. When tackling your writing ‘fitness’, you need three things to obtain – and maintain – mastery over your language. Training. Reps. Mindset. Inbox Attack will give you all three.

Start Inbox Attack Group Training

Group Training Includes

Weekly Group Writing "Workouts"

45-Minute Live Call every week. We spend 15-minutes intro'ing a new copywriting tactic, then the group (you included) hopes into a Google Doc to rewrite and email using the new tactic. Limited to 15 people per class to keep the feedback personalized.

1-on-1 Session with one of our Trainers

In your first month, you'll get a 30-minute one-on-one copywriting training session with the trainer of your choice. A perfect opportunity to dig into stuff you can't suss out during the weekly group workouts.

Monthly Guest Coach Cross-Training

We'll be inviting a guest coach once a month to one of our weekly live rewrite sessions to enhance the cross-training aspect of our Inbox Attack program. EXAMPLE: Award-winning screenwriter to dig into story structure.

Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

The closed Facebook Group will be moderated daily and gives you access to our instructors for questions, pinging your fellow students for feedback on snippet of copy your working on, etc...

$49 / month-to-month – Cancel Anytime
* First Session Free *

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