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“Flex Hourly” Program (2022)

If you are looking for a scaled to fit, “done with you” relationship, our Flex Hourly Program would be ideal.

Here’s how it works:

1) We send you a kick-off invoice for a deposit (roughly 50% of estimated first month spend – minimum $1,000).

We’ll work with you to setup a monthly budget so alerts can be configured to avoid over-runs.

2) Once the deposit is paid, you’ll have access to our entire team – including our partners at B2B Bandits, Life in Ads and Bloom Digitals.

You will set up a preferred payment method for future auto-billings.

3) Agreed work will be completed and logged according to each team members’ individual bill rate:

Logged in 10-minute increments via our Zoho Portal, and billed based on individual team member’ base rates.

You’ll have full access to project tasks and timesheets in real-time.

Miscellaneous costs, e.g. list validation, travel time, etc… will need to be pre-approved by the client.

4) We’ll auto-debit your payment method on-file on the 1st and 16th of the month for billables.

Billable time from August 1st – 15th would be auto-debited on August 16th – or the next business day.

Billable time from August 16th – 31st would be auto-debited on September 1st – or the next business day.

2022 Rate Sheet

(Updated 1/1/2022)

4Admin / List Work – $35/hr
Website Page Builds – $40/hr
Graphic Design – $40/hr
Light Copyediting – $70/hr
Project Management – $70/hr
YouTube (Organic) – $70/hr
Custom Illustrations & Animations – $80/hr

Influence Consulting – $80/hr
Social & Video Ads Consulting – $100/hr
Deliverability Consulting – $150/hr
Email Ecommerce Consulting – $150/hr
Audio & Video Post Production – $175/hr
Strategy &  Expert Writing – $175/hr