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Alica Forneret Wants You To Eat Crow Pie

Ed. Note: My liner notes for this episode are terrible. Was too busy listening to type good notes. Whoops! Is this my favorite episode so far? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out! -Seth

  • Born and raised in southern CA, studied writing and journalism in school.
  • Fled the west coast to MA and spent college years bouncing between coasts, countries before landing in Vancouver BC with her BF.
  • Met her BF while they were both on the road – instant connection over love of unique travel situations. Nate veers from the usual biz questions to pursue this story further.
  • After years of living everywhere, they reached a point where they wanted to put roots down somewhere. Oh, Canada!
  • Currently working a 9-5 agency job, but still pushes forward on creative print projects, which are starting to sound like a permament passion of Alica’s.
  • Nate picks up on Seth’s silent physic request to ask more about Alica’s current death focused print project.
  • “Super stoked to get very very weird”
  • When your project takes on new, extreme meaning.
  • Alica’s death cards and why they need to exist.
  • Hopes for the future of humanity.
  • Obligatory plug for

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