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Zach Lyons Wants You To Eat More Herring

Ed. Note: Nate has some fires to put out (figuratively) due to the literal fires in S. CA this week. Meaning two things: a) I’m the interviewer in this episode and b) my liner notes are even more misleading than usual. Also because of the unplanned swaperoo, I sound like I’m in a tin-can. In spite of that, I hope you enjoy this ep! I did. -Seth

  • Zach is either the mayor of food town or the food sultan. Either way, he’s been hustling various food related ventures and community gatherings for over 20 years.
  • Not sure what farm aid is? You are now. Also a dumb joke.
  • Obligatory plug for
  • Boycott Quarterly origin story.
  • Farmers Markets are the centerpiece of local economics.
  • Hilariously, I attempt to start wrapping things up about halfway through the episode.
  • Why are we talking about herring? Why aren’t we talking about herring?
  • Kentucky and Green Bay.
  • Non-obligatory plugs for an incredible list of places to get great grub in the Seattle area.
  • Holy shit I am not managing the clock on this interview at all. Who’s producing this thing anyhow?
  • Where am I going to have dinner tonight? Zach has about 50 ideas.

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