Inbox Attack


Writing is Fighting.To Write is to Fight … Yourself.

Train with Us. Fight Write for Us.

Inbox Attack is Always Looking for Raw Writing Talent


Train Hard

Train Hard

Training business owners is what put our little team on the map a few years ago. With Inbox Attack you will train to crack open inboxes, like MMA fighters train for the octagon.
Grow Stronger

Grow Stronger

This is writing not marriage. Though some of our team have been with us a decade, others have trained and wrote with us for a few months, and moved up and up. Nothing but love … assholes.
Write More

Write More

Though email copywriting is our fighting style of choice, we get hired for all sorts of odd jobs like wandering samurai – voicemails, articles, SMS, voiceover scripts and breakup letters.
Go Global

Go Global

Since our clients are scattered across 6 continents, and 18 time zones, our team is diverse as fuck – Asia, Africa, America and all of those in-between bits. Our best writers have gotten around a bit.


Unapologetically Human
Founded in 2009, Inbox Attack is an unapologetically human group of marketing teams: including Voodoo Influence, B2B Bandits and Email Ecommerce, led by some of the top business marketing experts in the world.

Who We Are:

Top 1% Worldwide Email Marketing Agency (#1 Upwork, #5 Clutch, #3 Mailchimp)

What We’ve Done:

Worked with 1,000 business owners & entrepreneurs to launch nearly 11,000 hand-crafted unique campaigns. Helped our clients generate a half-billion dollars in revenue

How We Do It:

Cold email is our specialty

What Makes Us Unique:

Unlike many other agencies, we pride ourselves on our unconventional, sincere approach to starting conversations with strangers

What Drives Us?

We’re on a mission to:

  • Beat the boring out of email and re-humanize the way people communicate in business
  • Become the #1 email marketing agency in the world
  • Move fast, break barriers and obliterate any obstacles in our (and our clients’) paths


If you feel this level of engagement isn’t right for you or you are not willing or able to participate with us at this level, we’re not a good fit for you. Our expectation is that you’ll take the steps necessary to do what you say you’re going to do – and be accountable for your actions.

There are only fighters [writers] here.
– Red Belt (David Mamet

Closed Fist

You will be pushed way out of your comfort zone Your writing wi
Your writing will be “hit” again and again until it can bob and weave past revisions
We prioritize growth and pushing winning campaigns to our clients over ego stroking
You will be putting in repetitions every day, some cool, some boring as hell, all critical


This is NOT a Cross Fit gym vibe. We aren’t going to make you write ’til you puke or run you into the dirt for the sake of “writing muscle confusion”. Great writers pursue criticism to make them better. On the flip side, we’ll cheer you on when your copy gets results in a live campaign, and help stitch up your cuts when a client shreds your best copy to ribbons.

We understand that not every person is ready for this level of performance and we respect the honesty of those who decide it’s not the right place for them.

How You Do

Step Into the Gym

Step Into the Gym

Our different jobs and gigs are listed below. Our application process is short but brutal. Everyone gets paid on day one, so we screen aggressively.
Spar with Us

Spar with Us

If you survive the application process, we’ll hire you and drill writing with real opponents (client-projects) on live calls 5-days a week.
Fight Write for Us

Fight Write for Us

About a month into your training, we’ll start sending you more client work. Win more fights (e.g. copy doesn’t need hella revisions), get paid more.


True to our gritty style, we welcome writers that are willing to get their egos punched in the face a bit during training and project work.
You will continually be cross-training in different disciplines to find the writing style that suits you best.

Jr. Copywriter

A paid internship – if you know how to write an email to a stranger, and get them to reply, but aren’t sure how to get strong enough to write professionally, then this is the place to start.

Out of work bartenders and broke college students are also welcome.

Pro Copywriter

Many of our Jr. Copywriters have graduated into this position, and other writers came with enough experience to start here.

You will still be conditioning your skills and cross-training in live calls, but get more project work too.

Master Copywriter

If you’ve already mastered one writing discipline (say, pitch decks), we’ll condition you and cross-train you into other styles.

We’ll expect way more out of you when it comes to the tougher projects.

Don’t want to penalize you for knocking out a campaign, revisions free in the first round, do we?

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