an unfiltered, and (gasp) unedited look into my head when pondering the future of my own small biz.


MacGyver - Burn Notice - Man vs Wild - Food 911
What am I missing?
What story do I want to tell?
What kind of man do I want to be?
Who needs help? Who wants help? Who has earned some help?
... All small business owners need something to sell, a way to sell it and customers
... All small business owners need a paramedic OR a surgeon
... Not all small business owners will make it
... Some small biz owners will make it, but shouldn't (assholes, douchebags)
... Some small biz owners won't make it, despite their best efforts (not cut-out for that type of work
... And some small biz owners don't know how to make it. That's my primary target.

Who do I want to help? How do I plan on doing that?
... Small Biz owners who know they need something (but may not necessarily know what that something is)

Do I have an end-game? Do I even need one?
... no and no. Over-planning pulls focus from the problem staring at your cleavage.
What's the problem, really?
... I've been helping a lot of wrong business owners (weak
... helping the wrong businesses

So how will I fix it?
... Brains - yes, fixing small biz problems takes some gnarly problem-solving skills at times
... Grit - and other times, all of the tools and tactics are in arms reach, they just need to be beat into submission
... Money - of course.

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