Email Ecommerce Roadmap / Starter Pack




For new customers only, this package will provide you with the roadmap to more effective email marketing. After we've done our part, you'll have a checklist of areas for improvement in:

  • Deliverability > better open rates
  • Engagement > better subscriber retention, open rates, click rates
  • Revenue > Pretty self explanatory really

We'll also set you up with a template and the framework for two automated workflows of up to three emails so you can hit the ground running.

What's Included:

  • Kickoff Call - 45 minute roadmapping call with a member of our team to gain access to required account and establish desired outcomes for your email marketing
  • Review of existing automations with suggestions for improvement
  • Suggested automations to build out for future campaigns / buying seasons
  • Deliverability optimization on immediately actionable items (e.g. DNS record updates)
  • Sign-up form and list maintenance practices review and recommendations
  • List growth and opt-in review with recommendations
  • Subscriber list review - identifying dormant subscribers with suggestions for what to do about them
  • Email & Workflow Templates:
    • We'll review your existing template produce a revised, branded template based on our recommended optimizations. The new template will be built in your ESP's drag and drop editor so you can easily make changes to it yourself later when the need arises.
    •  We'll build out / configure the framework for two of our recommended automated email workflows, including triggers, segmenting, and templates so you can easily add your content and activate.
    • Need more than one template designed? Typically, our templates will be useful in many contexts, but you can also add templates and one-off campaigns on an a la carte basis.
  • Phase one wrap-up call - 60-minute call with your assigned expert to review your strategic roadmap and show you how to use and customize your automated workflows.


What's Happens After The Starter Package is Complete?

This depends on what approach you want to take. Typically, there are three options:

a) DIY - Extreme DIY types will take the roadmap and audit results and run with them. If you look at your checklist and think "this makes sense - I can do that", this may be your path. You can fill in the knowledge gaps via some a la carte training.

b) Consulting - If you look at the deliverable from phase one thinking "I would like to do these, but need some additional guidance and training", you can hire us at our hourly consulting rate on Upwork.

c) Execution - If, after our phase one wrap up call, you want to implement the plan but don't have the capacity to execute it yourself, you can hire us on a monthly recurring basis.


What's Not Included:

  • Expertise Copywriting - we'll include guidance on what content to include in your automated workflows, but this package assumes you will provide your own content for your emails. For copywriting services you can hire us on Upwork.
  • Custom Graphic Design - we will rely on you to provide source image assets. We can handle basic cropping, resizing, compressing, matching color scheme to brand, etc...
  • Hard Costs - If you need to sign up for a premium tool, we will ask you pay for it (e.g. MailShake $19/month for list hygiene or Bulk Email Checker for validating external email databases)
  • Excessive revisions - Your revised template will be built based on our expertise and approved by you before it is sent. We don't anticipate the need for many rounds of revisions, we are limiting the rounds of revisions for these to two. If you can't approve the template within that timeframe, you will still have a good baseline for further customization on your own.


Who Will Benefit the Most from This Package:

Online stores built on Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento or WooCommerce (and equivalents) with a total of 10K or more subscribers across all lists or with well-established products stand to see the most immediate value from this package, however this package will provide actionable recommendations for anyone who is looking to improve on their existing email marketing.

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