Email Marketing for Custom eCommerce Platform




Ideal for non-standard eCommerce platforms without direct revenue tracking integrations.

SETUP (First Month) - $1,650/month + $350 ($2K first payment)

  • FOUNDATION: End-to-End Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor Account Setup & Optimization (Deliverability)
  • LIST GROWTH: 3 JustUno (or equivalent) Pop-ups Created and Synced to the appropriate List / Segment / Tags
    • 2 Purchase Automations (1-Email triggered by List Import)
    • 1 Welcome Email Automation (1-Email triggered by Website Pop-Up Opt-in)
    • Prep First Two Weekly Campaign (custom artwork / illustrations available as add-on)
    • Prep reusable non-promotional template
    • Prep reusable promotional template
    • 3-Month Plan
    • Week-by-Week Content Calendar (promotional and non-promotional suggestions)
    • A/B Testing Framework to optimize for opens >>> clicks >>> revenue

MONTHLY (Following Months) - $1,650/month

  • Weekly Non-Promotional - Weekly Campaigns Optimized, Queued for Approval & Sent  ... as determined by Content Calendar
  • Monthly Promotional - Pushing the monthly deals / new products / subscription plans ... may be duplicated/adjusted for up to 3 segments (e.g. dormant vs. active customers)
  • Segmented Sales Campaign … one campaign designed to re-engage or winback a certain high value segment, e.g. low dollar customers from past three-months, moving to higher volume order.
  • Incremental Automation … one new automation created OR optimized (e.g. adding list hygiene email and subsequent integration in existing Welcome Email Automation
  • Monthly Report ... raw stats will be available for view on-demand. Report can be presented via live call (preferred) at no additional cost.

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