Justuno & Mailchimp - Offer Delivery Automation


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Once you have Justuno installed on your website, I will create a form that connects to your Mailchimp account and triggers an automated email upon successful form completion. Includes:

  • Integrate Justuno with your Mailchimp account
  • Form set up with desired fields mapped to Mailchimp, optimized settings to include optin source tracking.
  • One A/B test variant (typically headline, offer or button text)
  • 1-3 custom follow up emails in Mailchimp, set to trigger only when upon successful form completion.

Does not include:

  • Form styling - I will leave the styling of the form and placement of it on the website to your web developer
  • Significant template design can also be added on a la carte basis. This package assumes you already have a fairly standardized template.
  • JustUno installation will be up your web developer as well. (Typically a rapid copy/paste of some header or footer code)

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