Monthly Support




Starter Package - $275

  • Provide Support to your users, customers, etc...
    • Small Biz Triage will check your support email inbox 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
    • All *real* support inquiries will be responded to directly, and forwarded if bug related.
    • Language requests will be referred to the tool via auto-responder or directly as appropriate.
    • Angry customers / users / trolls will be handled case-by-case (within reason) - nip it in the bud
    • Potential PR or B2B opportunities will be passed to you directly (sanity-checked of course).
  • Analyze Wins & Losses ... stats tracked in Google Sheet will include:
    • ShortURL stats from support emails
    • # of Support Inquiries Processed by Category
    • Prepare a short weekly report of high's, low's and recommendations + stats summary
    • NOTE: we'll cross reference with review and download stats if provided in a timely manner.
The Fine Print: Limited to the processing of 500 unique support inquiries per month. If we get close to 500, then we'll give you a warning shot and discuss alternatives.

Advanced Package - $500

  • ZenDesk / FreshDesk / etc... admin setup
    • INCLUDED at no additional cost
    • Monthly account fees paid by the client
  • Processing up to 1,000 support emails (or tickets) per month for two months
    • Up to 800 per month starting the third month
  • Asking happy customers to leave reviews
  • Check support email each weekday and respond appropriately
  • Notify the client when a critical service loss is apparent.
  • Update and publish FAQ - weekly updates (screenshots, first level troubleshooting)
  • Email weekly reports

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