Omnichannel Strategy Call


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Email Ecommerce Strategy Deep-Dive & Optimization. Typically takes 10-12 days.

  1. PURCHASE: Once you purchase this package. You’ll be redirected to a scheduler to book two 60-minute calls - we’ll have Nate (big picture / omni-channel strategy), Seth (email ecommerce), Valerie (paid channels) and Shanique (scalability and SEO) on both calls. Please separate the two calls by at least a week.
  2. PRE-CALL - we’ll send you a short list of questions and some requests for access to different platforms, e.g. Analytics, Store Dashboard, etc...
  3. LIVE Call 1: deep dive into your business zooming in on what you sell, who you (should) sell it to, and why they should buy it.
  4. DEEP DIVE - My team will review everything and rough out big picture targets, strategy experiments, execution plan, budget AND a long list of optimizations / fixes.
    • Store numbers (e.g. Shopify)
    • All advertising/paid channels (including influencer marketing)
    • All analytics (including secondary data like heatmaps and organic social)
    • Email channels - deliverability, opt-ins, pop-ups, conversion, etc…
    • Untapped channels, e.g. wholesale, B2B, bundling, partnerships, collab’s
  5. LIVE Call 2: we’ll walk through the roadmap on a final call, and send over the final document. Once you review it, and determine the ifs and the whats, we can schedule a pricing and next steps call to hammer out what you can handle in-house with support, and what we can take off your plate.

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