Sales Schema Email Outreach Package (Recurring)




    • One time fee of $400

    • Attendance on onboarding call with Sales Schema’s client

    • Setup, configuration, integration and optimization of tech stack

      • Domain / DNS Records

      • GSuite <>

      • Postmaster Tools

      • Deliverability Baseline Testing


    • Send emails to at least 1,000 contacts per month

    • Send follow-up emails to up to 1,000 new connections per month

    • Copy, targeting, sending schedule supplied by Sales Schema

    • Email contacts supplied by Small Biz Triage from a variety of sources

    • Email addresses will be validated first before sending

    • 1-2 follow-up emails in sequence per contact

    • 1 "Did Not Open" email + 1 "Opened But Did Not Click" email in sequence
    • Campaign reply documentation/forwarding to Michelle for follow

    • Will implement client-provided suppression list

    • Manual unsubscribes logged and added to suppression list

    • Deliverability will be monitored monthly and addressed if it becomes an issue

    • Swapping out a new domain if the original sending domain gets throttled included in the monthly fee


    • Monthly report on email campaign statistics, as well as notes on findings/trends

      • Open rate, Reply rate, Clicks/Unique Opens, etc.

      • Unsubscribe requests

      • Targeting trends

      • Domain reputation [for Sales Schema internal use]

      • Attendance on monthly call w/ client



    • $1,200 Flat Fee / Month
    • White Label Style - Small Biz Triage will use email accounts, monikers, etc… when communicating with clients, and cc: Sales Schema staff (e.g. Michelle) on all electronic communications
    • Sales Schema will cover all hard costs associated with the projects and SmallBizTriage will manage the accounts (ie. cancel account upon client churn).
      • Domain
      • GSuite
      • Email Scraping Tools
      • Email Scrubbing
    • No contract. Month-to-month. Cancel anytime before next billing date via Account Dashboard -
    • 5-Business Day grace period - EXAMPLE: if project is cancelled 4 business days after payment is processed, then Small Biz Triage will refund the prorated amount.
    • Does NOT include CRM integration … we can *advise* on basic field-mapping integrations available from client-supplied Zapier account, and assist in hiring a developer to handle it.

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