What better way to start off your Cinco de Mayo than by identifying your client ecosystems?! What's a client ecosystem you ask? Is it demographics or what? This video (from our "Uncensored" Series) will teach you the right way to identify where you can find your ideal clients. Watch and learn:

Here's the first of our new "Uncensored Small Biz" video series, with small biz owners in mind. This video covers the three attributes an influencer has. To learn more about how to approach influencers and build your reach, check out our series of four blogs specifically related to influencer outreach in the links below. 

Read more about finding influencers on our blog (series of 4 posts):
Human Interaction in a Digital World
Finding Influencers
Making Contact

Thanks for the help you gave me when I was first getting started. I don't know if I ever told you this but you had me come up with a pricing sheet. When I was meeting with my first client, he started to ask about pricing (and I hadn't thought about it since I came up with the pricing sheet). Luckily I had that notebook in my bag and snuck a peak while he was looking at his computer. I was able to give him a price and he accepted!

-Laura Renner

Hiring Coach

Oceanside, CA
Glendale, CA

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