583px-Bird_on_a_bar_(2913031978)Using WordPress to build a website is a great decision. As many regular readers of this blog should know, there are many advantages to using the old blogging standard. One of those is a relatively new concept called Twitter Remarketing. Its ability to connect your Twitter account to your overall online marketing goals can not be ignored.

The new Twitter Remarketing plugin is all part of Twitter’s larger goal of becoming a profitable company. As every social media giant has shown, helping their advertisers get a better cost per acquisition (CPA) is the surest way to a profit. You, as someone with a WordPress website to promote, can benefit from this.

Twitter Remarketing works by bringing three powerful online tools together:

  1. WordPress websites
  2. Twitter Ad Campaigns
  3. Google Tag Managers

Are three of the most powerful online companies working together enough to get your attention? Read on if so!

What can you actually do with Twitter Remarketing?

To start, Twitter Remarketing creates a link between a Twitter Ad Campaign and your WordPress website. At the core of it, you’re recording who visits your WordPress website via a Google tag, then using this data in your Twitter Ad Campaigns. How it uses this data is by displaying ads to those who visited your website more frequently during your Twitter Ad Campaign.

The thinking behind this is that instead of showing an ad to everyone who is remotely related to a loose ‘target demographic,’ you can appeal to specific Twitter users who are already interested in your website. The extra push provided by remarketing to these people can drive them back to your website for that second or third look so that they finally click ‘Buy.’

For an even more advanced user, you can use this technique for specific pages within the website, not just the website as a whole. For instance, say you’re having a sale on an item that’s being promoted with a promoted Tweet campaign. If you had set up a remarketing tag on the specific page for the item right from the start you could target those who had already visited that page. This will bring them back and capture those who weren’t quite ready to buy at the higher price point.

To do this, follow the steps exactly as below for each new webpage. The difference will be in Part 1, step 4.  You obviously won’t be choosing the pop down menu item for “Create Your First Website Tag,” and you’ll want to give it a new name in Part 1, step 5, and Part 3, step 2.

Keep in mind that this can not be your only Twitter marketing technique. This will be a smaller part of a larger Twitter follower growth campaign. It can’t be your whole plan!

The steps to install Twitter Remarketing on a WordPress website

Most of the regular readers of this blog won’t have too many problems following these steps. All you have to do is follow the correct order, there’s no alteration to code or anything complicated. Give it a read through once before starting and you should be fine!

Part 1: Start on your Twitter business account

  1. From your Twitter account, click on the Settings option in the top right of the page. It is your profile photo.
  2. Choose “Twitter Ads” from the menu that comes down. Choosing this takes you to the Twitter Ads dashboard for that account.
  3. Select the “Conversion Tracking” option from the top toolbar.
  4. Choose the “Create Your First Website Tag” from the window that opens.
  5. Name your Twitter Remarketing tag. Make it easy to remember by keeping it relevant to the overall goal of the campaign.
  6. Choose “Website visits” as the conversion you want to track.
  7. “Create a Tailored Audience for Remarketing Purposes” is the next option from the menu.
  8. The last step is to click the “Create Tag” button. This creates your Twitter Remarketing tag, it pops up in a box. Copy and paste this into another document for safe-keeping.

Part 2: Go to your Google Tag Manager account

All that you need here is your assigned website ID. Create an account if you don’t already have one, it’s a simple process. Take this assigned website ID and paste it into the document with the Twitter Remarketing tag in it. Label them both.

Part 3: Link everything in your WordPress dashboard

  1. From your WordPress editing dashboard, click on “New” on the top bar. Choose “Tag” from the menu.
  2. Choose a name for the generated tag.
  3. “Custom HTML tag” is the type of tag you want to choose from the drop-down menu.
  4. Now copy and paste the Twitter Remarketing tag from the backup document into the field.
  5. From the Plugins area of your dashboard, select “Add New.”
  6. Put “Google Tag Manager” into the search field and select it when it appears.
  7. Once you have installed the plugin, use the website ID that you got from your Google Tag Manager account above.

If you followed along perfectly you’ll be all done! Now repeat the steps above if you want to do specific pages for future campaigns as I was saying earlier.

Are certain Twitter Ads better for Twitter Remarketing?

You will ultimately have to base this on the needs of your particular marketing campaign. My advice on which Twitter Ad Campaigns you’ll want to consider are:

  1. Twitter Cards: These ads will gather email addresses for your email marketing. This can help you cross your Twitter Remarketing over with another important online form of advertising. The more connections you make with potential customers across digital platforms, the more chances you have of reaching them for that sale.
  2. Twitter Promoted Tweets: You’ll have more flexibility with these in comparison to Twitter Cards. You won’t get the email address data though. Promoted tweets can help promote nearly anything else that you want to push out.
  3. Twitter App Cards: Anyone with an app to promote would be a fool to ignore App Cards. Twitter Remarketing via an App Card can is another chance to make sure everyone who has visited your website also downloads your app. This allows you to gain exclusive levels of their attention, like the new adidas sneaker booking app.

Each one of these will be sure to give you a more targeted and efficient Twitter Ad Campaign. Your results will vary depending on which you choose, but you’re sure to have a better CPA than if you had never used Twitter Remarketing at all.

Seth is an incredibly responsive marketing expert, whose replies to my questions, worries, and concerns are unfailingly clear, helpful, thorough, and patient.  He's steered me from being a twitter-resistant know-nothing to a confident, informed tweeter and follower.  Great guy to work with!

-Bill Abelson, writer (Dr. Canard)

So I dove into FollowFridayHelper about 20 minutes ago and was met with this:

R.I.P. FollowFridayHelper

R.I.P. FollowFridayHelper

They have "FollowFridayHelper has been Shut Down for Good" - <sniffle><sniffle>. This was a dreadfully simple, and ridiculously effective bit of micro-copy, but dammmmmmmmmiiiiiiit.

But what now? (more…)


Bronzer Salon was referred to us by one of our peers from a few years back.  A mother and daughter started an airbrush tanning and makeup business in Edmonds in late September and were experiencing meager growth.  As always is the case with Small Biz Triage, there was not much budget to work with, and they needed more customers yesterday.



Rich and I threw around a LOT of ideas when we met with Bronzer last week.  Ultimately, we realized that they are driven / focused enough to implement some effective marketing strategies with some coaching.  So, I'm helping them get their marketing platforms and tools installed and configured (Facebook Page, Twitter, HootSuite, MailChimp, coupon design/printing) and will train them on using them.  Rich is going to coach them through a variety of sales techniques to increase the rate of prospects, covering everything from spurring referrals through targeted networking, to overcoming objections on phone and email inquiries.

It's a rare treat to work with such a fantastic pair, who truly care about helping their customers feel beautiful with every visit.  We were inspired to take a hard look at our own businesses and make sure

More updates to come ...

- Nate -

Practical Creativity is Kenny Judd, Artist, Father, Husband and dreamer.

Like a modern day Dr. Frankenstein Judd breaths life into his toy friends as an old doorstop become a body, pieces of driftwood become arms, bungee-cord springs take shape and sprout legs, and marbles and washers open up and become eyes.

Like our good friend Gepetto, Judd creates one of a kind toys out of unwanted or forgotten pieces of furniture, nuts, bolts, washers and nicknacks which he rescues from the dusty corners of attics and garages.
Kenny teaches us how art can be produced using a little creativity, a lot of heart, and a bit of marine epoxy.

Take a look at some of the results of our partnership with Kenny:



Contact Nate to learn more about our Etsy marketing packages. [email protected]

The Artist Toolbox takes a "never-before-seen-on-TV" approach to accessing the most prolific innovators in the arts.  The idea is simple - make available to the public some of the most influential creative-action and thought leaders, from nearly every genre of creativity.

It packages countless hours of research and time spent with the artists on camera into a 30-minute program which cuts directly to the meat.  It's the Artist Toolbox – a revolution in creative all-access programming.

The show is hosted by the seasoned writer / director / instructor John Jacobsen.

Small Biz Triage manages the social network marketing and niche blog PR efforts, Facebook, Twitter and all other flavors of social exposure.

Find the Artist Toolbox on Facebook and Twitter.

Every man has his favorite charcoal, every woman has their favorite lip gloss, every kid their favorite toy, every cop their favorite hand-gun and every digital marketing geek their favorite tool.

HootSuite automates, tracks, measures and executes social network marketing campaigns.

I purchased premium subscriptions of HootSuite for all of my social network marketing clients.  At $5.99 / month it's worth every penny.

We are currently using HootSuite to manage the nationwide Facebook / Twitter campaign for The Artist Toolbox.  It allows us to quickly identify super-networkers talking about the brand, schedule geo-targeted TV listing updates to different markets, send "tune in now" tweets for red-eye episodes.  The most important feature that I regularly use is the "Popular Tweets" function which will allow you to see which status updates / tweets are really working.  This informs future campaigns.

Drop me a line at [email protected] if you want some advice on how to implement HootSuite to manage your campaigns.

- Nate -

"The Marketing Guy"

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