In our latest Workshop (in Grass Valley, CA with the Nevada County Online meetup group) Nate breaks down how to create a good cold email or newsletter framework. Email is important in how you can connect with new & existing clients, influencers and allies, but it's not a silver bullet solution. Increase your odds of a successful connection/result by relentlessly obsessing over this video.

HUGE thank you to Doug Greene ( who handled the video & audio, and our wonderful host Nevada County Online (!



ACT has recently begun re-selling the classroom ModelMaker, but did not have a web platform to showcase the product OR a place for ModelMaker users to collaborate. They also needed a product video to help their re-sellers illustrate the paradigm-shaking potential of this new 3D-Printer.


Design and build a Joomla Website based on a pro-level Joomla 1.5 Template (RocketTheme) and integrate the following third-party components:

Forum - Kunena
eCommerce - VirtueMart
User Management - Communuty Builder

Produce a 60-second video targeted to educators.


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Glendale, CA

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